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Prodsports Queensland promotes racing for production sports cars both in Queensland and interstate. Basically if your 2 door 2 seat sports car was produced in numbers it’s probably eligible.

If it’s not on the list but it’s a 2 door, 2 seat car, get in touch because we still may be able to help.

This is not a class that’s here today and gone tomorrow. We’ve been around since the 1960’s with cars like MGs, Austin Healeys and Jags. The battles between the Shelby Cobra, Corvette and Ferrari are things of legend, all production sports.

Nowadays the earlier Porsche cup cars and the MX5’s are popular but you’re not limited in your choice. Toyota 86 / BRZ, Silvia, 2WD Skyline are all ideal cars as well as cars like Ginetta, Lotus, Corvette and Cobra replicas also come out to play.

We race at both Motorsport Australia (previously CAMS) circuits at Morgan Park, Warwick and Racers circuits at Queensland Raceway and Lakeside.

At Prodsports Queensland we have strict driving standards and a Driving Standards Observer (DSO) to make sure any car to car contact is rare and dealt with when it happens so there is much less chance your car will be damaged on the race circuit. Further, all cars must now carry at least one video camera so nobody can “get away “with anything.

You will find the Prodsports people friendly, welcoming and always ready to help if it’s needed so get on and say hi and look forward to catching up soon.


category & class 2x


class 2b

class 2f

2021 Race Calendar

20 FEB 2021

26-28 March 2021

22 MAY 2021

10 jUL 2021

27-28 AUG 2021

23 OCT 20201

19-21 NOV 2021

GLT 2021 Championship Points

Autohouse Storage 2B

NameRD 1 QR 20/2RD 2 MP 27/3RD 3 QR 22/5RD 4 LS 10/7TOTAL
Gerry Murphy104130121355
Grant Sparks1151240239
Lachlan Harburg0128106234
Greg Waters5860105223
Mark Cotterell629254208
Michael Learoyd54112166
Andrew Adams01601161
Sven Koremans04692138
Jeffrey Hume76320108
Dave Barram10100101
Shane Wilson095095
Burt Bales860086
Peter Brown072072
Kevin Vedelago002828
Tim Janke002424
Brian Henderson022022

Total Parts Plus 2F

NameRD 1 QR 20/2RD 2 MP 27/3RD 3 QR 22/5RD 4 LS 10/7TOTAL
Shane Plohl116161115392
Shane Freese116142117375
Tony Ross100142242
Mark Sperling7210256230
Chris Battista0128100228
Christien McPherson1810498220
Anton Jones9088178
Aidan Gulley72074146
David Smith56090146
Hayden Hume0112112
Richard Barram86086
Hugo Godson7676
Paul Ansell66066
Don Gulley66066
Ben Duncan2626

Graham Lusty Trailers 2X

NameRD 1 QR 20/2RD 2 MP 27/3RD 3 QR 22/5RD 4 LS 10/7TOTAL
Darren Berry83120112315
Steven McFadden1131100223
Graham Lusty104068172
Duncan MacKellar118118
Wayne Henning0113113
Chris Hatfield06834102



Lakeside Rd,
Kurwongbah QLD 4503


228 Old Stanthorpe Rd,
Morgan Park QLD 4370


133 Champions Way,
Willowbank QLD 4306

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